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Imex laser products

We're really pleased to be working with Imex to supply our customers with what we think are the best laser products on the market.

We've made our top picks including the Bullseye 30 Laser Distance Pointer, the LX22 Cross Line Laser Kit and the Studfinder Eco.

If you are interested in any of our Imex products, the Imex team will visit you on site for a demonstration, just book this in with Chris.

BE30 Laser Distance Measurer

The new Bullseye laser distance measurer has been designed and built for the user. It is small enough to easily fit in your pocket, toolbag or even clip onto your folder. The Bullseye 30 laser distance measurer has all the functionality that you would expect, is extremely simple to use and has a powerful Class II laser with a sharp high definition dot giving excellent visibility at the measuring point. Find out more here.

Cross Line Laser Level Imex LX22

A breakthrough in Laser EDGE Technology…………. the brightest Line Laser has arrived!

Traditionally line lasers will have a thin laser line when close by and then, the further away the line travels the wider the laser line gets. This is not good as the laser line becomes more and more inaccurate. The LX22 has a great laser line that can be easily seen up to 40M away inside, and has sharp clear, thin lines all the way. Find out more here.

Imex Stud Finder

Imex Stud Finders have the following features:

- Centre of stud + edge of stud detection

- Timber or metal studs up to 38mm deep

- Large LCD Display

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