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All of our customers are different and they each buy different materials and quantities for their business. One of the benifits of using our new cash card at HBS is that a simple scan or swipe will link your account details to all your purchases. This ensures that your personalised discounts are applied automatically to the goods that you buy.

To apply for a Trade Cash Card

Please ask for a application form at the counter or Click Here to download a form


How the Trade Cash Card made my life easier! 


'I always deal with Henlow Building Supplies when I can.  Nothing is ever too much trouble for them, they are knowledgeable and helpful and since they have launched their Trade Cash Card system they have been even easier to deal with!


I prefer to pay cash as I go so I know where I am and don’t get any unexpected bills at the end of the month. I now get a full size invoice instead of a small retail receipt.  This helps me with my filing and the text does not fade as quickly.  


If I lose an invoice HBS can quickly look up my order history and reprint it for me.  This is also useful when I need ‘another one of those thingamabobs that I bought last month’.


Applying for the card was very easy.  I filled in a short form and within a week I was up and running.'


Ben (B.C. Decorating)

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